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Moving at the Speed of Trust. Logo is a curved line around the planet. A yellow heart and 2 stars is at the end of the line.
Dr. Leticia Nieto's headshot - middle age, Latinx woman smiling with long dark hair and a dark shirt, tree in the background
McKensie Mack Headshot - Black non-binary person with long dark hair, knitted blazer, red lipstick and red background
Randal Pinkett - Black man with short hair, athletic build, wearing a grey suit and blue tie
Deepti Gudipati Headshot - South Asian woman with long dark hair, wearing necklace and black dotted dress, standing outside
Joel A Brown headshot - smiling young Black man with short hair and beard.  Wearing a pink dress shirt and dark tie.
Jess Pettitt headshot - white woman with blue medium length hair, wearing glasses, red lipstick and flower pin
Nene Molefi headshot - older Black South African woman. Medium brown hair, with red blouse and black cardigan, smiling
Howard Ross headshot - older white man with grey hair. Wearing a black blazer and black t-shirt. Standing against a grey wall
Riikka Salonen headshot - middle age white woman with copper hair, wearing glasses and black blazer, Smiling near brick wall
Rhodes Perry headshot - white man with a big smile, arms crossed,  glasses, short beard, bald